Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Slacking in the blog department

So I keep meaning to make blog posts, I even have pictures and stuff to talk about...I just haven't gotten around to doing it. I will try harder, for all 18 of my followers :D

So today I had one of the best thrifting days I've had in a long time. I can't remember the last time I filled my arms in a rush of excitement. It's like winning the lottery for me. So, onward to today's haul...

Since we got a VCR in our bedroom, I swore it would only be for kid movies, to keep my monster toddler occupied when I needed to take a shower or something. Yeah, didn't happen. Picked up The Matrix, and how could I pass up Boondock Saints on tape? 50 cents each.

Two vintage sewing patterns, I just love the colors and illustrations. These will make some cute dresses for miss E. 25 cents each.

I love these vintage leather flats! $1 for the pair.

Some old fabric, not sure what it will make, but it was 30 cents.

AHHHHHHH! I collect vintage melamine, and I really scored with these aqua serving dishes, at 50 cents each.

I also collect Pyrex, and this pink casserole dish was only $2.

And last but not least, the prize of the day...my first piece of Le Creuset! It is a very expensive Frech cookware, porcelain coated cast iron. This was $8, but new, these got for around $170. This one is old (they don't do wooden handles anymore) but still in nice shape.

That's all for today, but soon I will be posting some of the things I've made recently, and my homemade strawberry ice cream tutorial!


  1. Where do you go thrifting? I love to antique, but never find as much great stuff as you always seem to. Looks like you had a fun day today :)

  2. i agree with jenny... wow! thats some loot!