Monday, January 31, 2011

Blog neglect...

I kind of dropped the ball on my blog. I wanted to start a food blog, and I realized that I make way too many cool things to just share one of my hobbies. So, I have decided that I will be using this space to share all of the things I make and do, from sewing for my kiddos to recipes, thrift finds, good websites, and anything else I come across that I want to show you. Since so much time has passed and I have made so many things, I am going to post a big pile of pictures of things I have done recently, and from here on out, I will accompany them with more details, and some tutorials. Hope you enjoy!


Baby A-line jumper, my own pattern

Another jumper

Chicken onesie dress with knife pleated skirt, made with an online tutorial

Toddler hipster lounge pants made from a vintage pattern

Toddler wool and cotton pea coat, made with a pattern from

Roses car seat recover

Baby swing coat, made with a pattern from

Custom car seat cover

Toddler boy's hipster pants with custom pockets and belt loops

Toddler fleece tattoo hoodie, made by tracing an existing hoodie

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