Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

I went to the Navy thrift store the other day, where everything is SUPER cheap. They might as well give it away, really. I always leave with a big bag of goodies. Here is a sample of my score...

Black flats, $1

Baby shoes, $1

Vintage patterns, 10 cents each. The one on the left will look neat with the skirt a lot shorter.

Vintage baby blouse, 20 cents

Vintage baby dress, 20 cents

Vintage baby dress, 20 cents

Appliqued pillow, 20 cents

Toddler girl's nightgown, 20 cents

Old Navy swing pea coat, $3

Cute potholder, 30 cents

Not pictured are the shirt I got for myself for 80 cents, Yo Gabba Gabba hoodie for a friend's daugher, 20 cents, and a REALLY nice shirt and pair of pants for the husband, which probably cost about $100 new for both, I paid $5.80. I love going to this place every week!

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  1. soooooooo jealous. that is all.
    so jealous.

    oh and ps i miss you!